Serverless PostgreSQL

Zenith is a simplified Postgres database as a service built by Postgres committers for every app developer
Designing with


Create a Postgres endpoint in seconds and pay only for what you use on Zenith
Resources are automatically scaled based on workload
Instant branching
Instantly branch your data from now or a historical point in time
High Availability
HA for Postgres out of the box
Edge Deployment
Your data lives close to your users
Bottomless Storage
Your data is continuously and automatically backed up to cloud storage
Data Provenance
Know the history of each record in your database
High Connection Limits
High connection limits for Postgres out of the box
Open source
Zenith is built in the open on GitHub

Start building on Postgres in seconds

Setup in <1 minute and create a
Postgres endpoint instantly. Zenith
removes the painful parts of setting
up and managing your database

Iterate fast

Instantly create copy-on-write
branches of your database with one
command. Branch from now or a
historical point in time.

Join the community

Interact with the team building Zenith and
devs building apps on Zenith

Storage Engine Internals

On the surface Zenith is a single Postgres end point for your app. Internally we modified Postgres’s storage engine to use the the cloud

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Postgres is in our DNA

Zenith is developed by Postgres committers and contributors behind major contributions to the Postgres internal storage machinery

  • Bottom-up index deletion
  • B-Tree deduplication
  • Hot standby

Zenith is 100% Postgres Compatible

PostgreSQL functionality like full text search indexing, PostGIS, and extensions work automatically

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Start building on Postgres in seconds